Keeping the Faith Foundation
Keeping the Faith Foundation

Impact someone's life today! 

Every little bit helps!

When you donate you do more than just give money, you give hope to those trying to recover from cancer.  
When you become a “Partner” you show that you are passionate, committed and want to support those with cancer so they also can enjoy life as we know it cancer free.  

We have the passion and we are committed to helping as many people with cancer as we can.  We greatly appreciate and need people like you who share our passion and commitment to helping as many people as we can. With your donations this is possible.  Your donations help’s those in these unexpected circumstances with their everyday “living expenses” which help us to help them meet their goal to rest, relax and recover without the worries which prolong recovery often.  


Remember, “Those who have cancer did not plan to get it but with your donations, commitment and support they will know they are not alone in their fight to get better.”  

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