Keeping the Faith Foundation
Keeping the Faith Foundation

Our Mission and Vision

Our Values...



We are committed to strive for excellence in everything we do and to provide the highest quality of service to everyone we serve.


  The mission of Keeping the Faith Foundation is to help and provide financial support to help pay the “Everyday” living expenses of people undergoing chemotherapy.  
Being able to do this, our clients are able to relax, rest and recover during their treatment through this process. We strive to reduce the burden of cancer patients of today by providing financial relief and other helpful resources while also preparing help for the burdens associated with the recovering cancer patients of tomorrow with additional funding and education.

“Our goal is to provide hope to what seems like a hopeless situation and encouragement that cancer can be beaten.”    




Our difference




We can identify with the struggles of today and the lack of immediate help for families during this time. We care about making an immediate difference now. Not after the damage is done. We understand that bills cannot wait and our recovery is needed now. So, with your help, we can help you.



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