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Keeping the Faith Foundation

When Facing Cancer — Knowledge and Educating yourself is Power!


Our Mission of Keeping the Faith Foundation is to offer a wide range of educational materials that empower patients and their families with the information they need to be fully informed about a cancer diagnosis and the treatments available to them.  “Tools & Education” to help people better deal with the physical and emotional consequences of a cancer diagnosis. 


  • Educational Tools-Information that informs, engages, helps them understand to make sound decisions with their doctor and help in their own recover. Tips on the side effects of your medication and how best to manage it throughout treatment and understanding “when” it’s time to reach out to your care team.
  • Health Tips Diet information -Tips to on foods to avoid eating and which foods helps them and exercising tips to keep them active. Access to a variety of options of treatments provided by your provider.
  • Financial Assistance-Information on financial support for hospital bills and “everyday” expenses. Access to financial aid of companies are willing to help with many of your hospital bills because we understand the many struggles adults face during this time in their lives, the not knowing, the financial burdens and cost of the treatments. We work with you to help the impossible become possible.  “We’ve done the hard work for you!

Our Vision, Goal, Job and Commitment along with the numerous “Partnerships” we have enables us to provide these resources directly to the patient. This ensures timely delivery of accurate information and results in a higher patient satisfaction. Delivering the right information to the right patient at the right time results in longer time on therapy.  It has been found that when patients received adherence education, adherence increased by an average of 14% over six months from initiation of therapy.


“We believe “Information Matters” and informing our patients.  The patient’s engagement gives them an active role in their recovery which helps them makes good health decisions with their doctor and family.”


Contact us so that we can get and keep you informed!


“Providing hope to what seems like a hopeless situation with encouragement that cancer can be beaten.”    

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