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Keeping the Faith Foundation


“Beating Cancer from       the start!” 


As a Cancer savior, I know firsthand the unique difficulties patients face along with their families on their road to recovery.  I am so thankful for the help my family, friends, and caregivers that helped me.  Those around me tended to my physical, emotional and spiritual needs so much at times that they did not have time to take care of themselves.  It’s not easy, after all, to lift another person and tend to their basic needs it can really take a total on anyone.


Listen I did not drink or smoke and I never imaged that I would get cancer.  But once I was diagnosed my first concern was is it curable. I sat down with my surgeon and he provided me with clear, honest answers to difficult questions.  This provided me with an invaluable foundation of knowledge which helped me to move forward with confidence through each stage of my surgery and treatment. After my surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy I  now cancer free and happy to have a second chance at life. 

During this process and even with health insurance I faced financial difficulties.  These financial challenges I faced brought additional stress on me and my family because I depended on their help.  Besides my wife and family, I received great support from the staff at “Virginia Cancer Specialist center” along with the support of church members, colleagues, and friends who offered encouragement.  Their helping hand and kind words helped greatly. And with this determination, comprehensive care and strong support system cancer had no change!
    As I talked with others during my recovery I learned there were others in the same financial position I once was. I wanted to help those to avoid the financial stress I did early on.  I knew the struggles and how it felt going through chemotherapy.  This was the primary reason I started my company and the reason I am asking for your support and donations. I did not want anyone else to go through what I went had through. Those with cancer trying to recover should not worry about bills as they try to heal themselves.  
This kind of stress does not help anyone recover.  We want everyone going through this to have every opportunity of a fully successful “Second chance” at life. With your help “WE” can and will do this.   
Ondray Pearson
CEO/ Founder
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