Keeping the Faith Foundation
Keeping the Faith Foundation

Impact someone's life today! 

Every little bit helps!




“When you donate, you do more than give money; you give hope to those adults recovering from cancer.” 



  You can help by donating monthly, quarterly ,or yearly or as much as you can afford and gifts cards for food are welcome as well because every little bit helps. Giving shows you are passionate, committed, supportive ,and understanding of those who have Cancer. Your donations help’s with those unexpected circumstances and everyday “living expenses” allowing them to do what their doctor told them to do which was to rest, relax and recover without the worries because that prolongs their recovery.  


We much appreciate and need people like you who share our passion and commitment to helping as many people as we can. With your donations this is possible. 


Remember, “Those who have cancer did not plan to get it but with your donations, commitment and support they will know they are not alone in their fight to get better.”  

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