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Things you need to do once Diagnosed





1)   Once diagnosed with cancer, you need to apply for your Social Security Disability benefits at your local office.  Some Attorneys will help

you apply for free (we can help you find one near you).  It's best to contact an Attorney for help with this process even though you can apply yourself.  

The reason is the attorney’s understand the ins and outs of the law to move your case a little faster.  The Social Security Disability office process could take up to six months to a year to see if you qualified.  So the sooner you do this, the better it is

for you!


2)    Once diagnosed with cancer, ask your doctor or those in the financial area if any companies can help cover your chemotherapy/ radiation treatments, including co-pay.


3)   Contact your health insurance provider and get a print out of your benefits. 

Ask questions because you need to understand the difference between Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability and how this could affect you during you are healing process.


Most jobs do not pay for the first week you go on Short Term Disability-six months or less. It is not until the second week that you start to get a paycheck.  They usually paid 100% for the first two checks you receive and 60% afterward going forward.  We will then send the payment to your bank through direct deposit into your bank account every two weeks. 


    If you are out for more than six months, your company will switch you over to Long-Term Disability-six months or more.  What this means a few things will change in how you get paid and when.  In the status, you get paid monthly.  The date they pay you (check with your company) would be somewhere around the third week of each month. 


Waiting could put you in a financial bind if the bills you pay are due before you receive your money.  Yes, you can contact those you paid and asked for the time to pay them, it usually works, but by doing so you may also receive late fees as well. So when you find out about your case know it will take more than six months, you need to prepare for the change.    


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