Keeping the Faith Foundation
Keeping the Faith Foundation

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Keeping the Faith Foundation is a 501c (3) nonprofit foundation. We provide Educational tools, Health Tips and Financial assistance to those adults with cancer.  Our goal is to provide those going through chemotherapy with “Peace of Mind”.  Our resources help provide them with “Education”, it keeps them engaged in the process concerning their health decisions and provides them with something they need the most during this time, the ability to Rest and Relax so they can Recover.  The way we see it, “The more our clients know, the better they feel.”  


Our partnerships with both individuals and businesses are invaluable to those our clients.  The “Donations” and support we receive helps us to provide updated and accurate information to our clients to ensure they receive the best help available.


Learn more how you can help those adults with cancer with a monthly, quarterly or yearly donation.  Until there is a cure for cancer it remains but with your help we continue to beat it. “Help us help others.” 


“No one asked for this disease but with your help, we can help them as they go through it.”  


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